About me

Mikołaj BarczentewiczI am a DPhil candidate in the Faculty of Law at the University of Oxford. I also teach core courses in Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence (philosophy of law), European Union Law and Roman Law for Oxford law students. In the spring of 2016, I was a Visiting Scholar at the University of Melbourne.

I have published in the Law Quarterly Review and in several edited collections (see my Publications page).

I specialise in public law and in legal theory. My doctoral research focuses on unlawful (or unconstitutional) ways of changing constitutions. I am interested in developing HLA Hart’s account of secondary rules – and especially – of the rule of recognition. On the theoretical side, I am currently working on how rules of recognition change and how can we get reliable knowledge of the content of a particular rule of recognition. I am also pursuing projects on Brexit (disentangling UK and European Union law, constitutional consequences) and on the role of fundamental rights and principles in statutory interpretation.

Contact: mikolaj.barczentewicz[to-delete]@law[to-delete].ox.ac.uk

How to pronounce my first name: [mʲiˈkɔwaj] or simply [me-koh-why]

My other sites:
SSRN · twitter · academia.edu · linkedin · Oxford Law Faculty page