About me

Mikołaj BarczentewiczI am a Lecturer in Public Law and Legal Theory at the University of Surrey School of Law, a member of the Surrey Centre for Law and Philosophy, and a Research Associate of the University of Oxford Programme for the Foundations of Law and Constitutional Government.

Previously, I taught Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, European Union Law and Roman Law at the University of Oxford. I was also a Visiting Scholar at the University of Melbourne.

My research was published (or is forthcoming) in the Law Quarterly Review, Public Law, Notre Dame Law Review Online and in several edited collections. I also blog (e.g., at the UK Constitutional Law Blog and at I·CONnect). (For details see my Publications page.)

I specialise in public law (constitutional and administrative law) and in legal theory (philosophy of law). My doctoral research focuses on unlawful (or unconstitutional) ways of changing constitutions. I am interested in developing HLA Hart’s account of secondary rules – and especially – of the rule of recognition. On the theoretical side, I am currently working on how rules of recognition change and how can we get reliable knowledge of the content of a particular rule of recognition. I am also pursuing projects on Brexit (disentangling UK and European Union law, constitutional consequences) and on the role of fundamental rights and principles in statutory interpretation.

Contact: mikolaj.barczentewicz[to-delete]@law[to-delete].ox.ac.uk

How to pronounce my first name: [mʲiˈkɔwaj] or simply [me-koh-why]

My other sites:
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