MEV: Comment on IOSCO’s Consultation Report on Policy Recommendations for DeFi
IOSCO is correct to identify conflicts of interest (Recommendation 4) and operational and technological risks (Recommendation 5) as issues of concern in DeFi that need to be addressed by providers of DeFi products and services.
Response to the U.S. Treasury Department’s consultation on digital assets and illicit finance
Download from Regulations.gov or from ICLE We thank the U.S. Treasury Department for the opportunity to participate in this Request for Comment on “Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets.”[1] Our response most directly addresses part “B” of the Request for Comments, focusing particularly on the following questions:
Submission to the consultation on Judicial Review Reform
Similar paper is currently under journal review. I will make the submission available once the review restriction is lifted.
Submission on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill
Cited in the House of Commons Library Briefing on The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill: Supremacy and the Court of Justice. Also submitted to the House of Commons Exiting the European Union Committee inquiry on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, Ref EUB0013, 1 November 2017.