Research papers

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I do not list here the papers that are currently under peer review.

MEV: Comment on IOSCO’s Consultation Report on Policy Recommendations for DeFi
Regulation of Crypto-Finance Research Project (October 2023)
Schrems III: Gauging the Validity of the GDPR Adequacy Decision for the United States
International Center for Law & Economics Issue Brief 2023-09-25
Blockchain Censorship
arXiv:2305.18545 [cs.CR]
Blockchain Transaction Ordering as Market Manipulation
(2023) 20 Ohio State Technology Law Journal 1-87
Battle of the Crypto Bots: Automated Transaction Copying in Decentralized Finance
(2023) 26 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law (forthcoming)
MEV on Ethereum: A Policy Analysis
International Center for Law & Economics (January 2023)
Precedent and Law-Making Powers
in T Endicott, S Lewis, and H Kristjánsson (eds), Philosophical Foundations of Precedent (Oxford University Press, forthcoming)
Report on the UK Online Safety Bill
Institute of Economic Affairs (February 2022)
Report on the definition of ‘AI’ in the EU AI Regulation
Center for Data Innovation (December 2021)
Reports on the EU Digital Services Act
EPICENTER (June 2021, October 2021)
The Great Transatlantic Data Disruption
International Center for Law & Economics and Progressive Policy Institute (October 2021)
Regulating for Cybersecurity
Warsaw Enterprise Institute (June 2021)
Submission to the consultation on Judicial Review Reform
Ministry of Justice, Consultation on Judicial Review Reform, April 2021
Constituent Power and Constituent Authority
(2021) 52 University of Connecticut Law Review 1313
Teaching technology to (future) lawyers
(2021) Erasmus Law Review
Combining AI and Digitization of Judgments for Access to Justice
in Susanne Chishti, Sophia Adams Bhatti, Akber Datoo, Drago Indjic (eds), The LegalTech Book: The Legal Technology Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs and FinTech Visionaries (Wiley 2020)
Review of Andrew Arato, The Adventures of the Constituent Power
(2019) 67 American Journal of Comparative Law 219-225 (with Alice Schneider)
I Am Not Your (Founding) Father
in Richard Albert, Nishchal Basnyat, Menaka Guruswamy (eds), Founding Moments in Constitutionalism (Hart Publishing 2019)
The Social Basis of Ultimate Legal Rules: Hayek Meets Hart
in Peter J. Boettke, Jayme Lemke, Virgil Storr (eds), Exploring the Political Economy & Social Philosophy of F.A. Hayek (Rowman & Littlefield 2018)
The Limits of Natural Law Originalism
(2018) 93 Notre Dame Law Review Online 115
The Illuminati Problem and Rules of Recognition
(2018) 38 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 500
Submission on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill
House of Lords Constitution Committee inquiry on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, Ref EUW0018, 18 October 2017
Miller, Statutory Interpretation, and the True Place of EU Law in UK Law
[2017] Public Law (November, Brexit Special Issue 2017) 10
The Core Issue in Miller: The Relevance of Section 1 of the 1972 Act
Policy Exchange / Judicial Power Project (January 2017)
Judicial Duty Not to Apply EU Law
(2017) 133 Law Quarterly Review 469
‘Constitutional Statutes’ Still Alive
(2014) 130 Law Quarterly Review 557