Reports on the EU Digital Services Act

EPICENTER (June 2021, October 2021)

I continue to analyse the proposed EU Digital Services Act as it is being debated in the EU legislature. So far, I have published the following reports:

  • ‘The Digital Services Act and Small and Medium Enterprises as users of online services’ (EPICENTER policy brief, 13 October 2021). My work related to this report was supported by Google, but the report represents only my views - it does not represent the views of Google or any other organisation I’m affiliated with.
  • ‘The Digital Services Act: Assessment and Recommendations’ (working paper on SSRN, current version: 19 July 2021).

First page of the paper

  • ‘The New European Digital Services Act: Risky for Consumers and Innovation’ (EPICENTER policy brief, 23 June 2021).